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Recent Customer Testimonials

Thank you very much again for a very nice workshop at the Butterfly Wonderland. I also printed out your info about "how to photograph butterflies" and will study this seriously again. I really appreciated your help a lot - THANK YOU ! As soon as I know more, I will check the information about your workshops at "Out of Africa"! You will certainly see me again and hopefully also some of my photo friends.

Barbara Zahno, Butterfly Wonderland August 2016

Thanks for the great program, both the Webinar and the meet up. I learned a lot about close-up photography. Look forward to doing another program.

Al Voirin, Butterfly Wonderland August 2016

Your photography workshops are unique. Even before I had registered for a workshop, you were responding to my emails. I had many questions from the technical to the philosophical. You always answered promptly with thoughtful and detailed responses. During the workshop you made sure I was getting what I wanted and needed by personal attention and by spending extra time beyond the workshop schedule. I particularly appreciated that you provided instructional materials and a webinar prior to the workshop. It far exceeded the instruction in any other workshop I have attended. The workshop itself was well organized and you structured our class sessions to be great learning opportunities to support our photo sessions. I also very much appreciate having your book. It's a clear and concise overview of wildlife photography and I carry it with me in my camera bag and continue to use it as a reference. Most of all I thank you for your sensitivity to wildlife and your approach to photographing them in respectful ways.

Mary Beth Montgomery, August 2016

Kathleen is a professional photographer specializing in wildlife. I have been fortunate to have enrolled in several of her workshops, in Arizona, California, Botswana and South Africa. She clearly exceeded my expectations. Not only does she understand the ins and outs of photography, she has a very good handle on explaining and demonstrating her craft, is a pleasant person to be around and easy to work with. Kathleen has recently made a major career move that all photographers can envy, to devote herself to become a full time photographer and workshop facilitator. I heartily recommend that if you want to upgrade your own photo talent, to enroll in one of Kathleen's upcoming workshops.

Jim Ryder, August 2016

Kathleen Reeder workshops are really great. She is an accomplished photographer and has the patience of a saint when it comes to instruction. I have participated in several and assisted with a few. I always learn something new. She will challenge you as well as answer all questions.  Kathleen really strives to ensure you get some awesome photos that you will be proud off. Highly recommend all her workshops and her book -- Capture the Moment.

Carol Urban, August 2016

So much fun, so many laughs, and an absolutely memorable experience! Kathleen makes all the arrangements and participants get to sit back and enjoy the ride!

Karen Ryan, South Africa Experience June 2016

Wow! Kathleen’s South Africa photography workshop was a wonderful learning experience. The interaction with the wildlife was exceptional; photo opportunities unlimited.  This has been the most wonderful trip that exceeded all my expectations.  Thank you so much for your excellent organization and planning.  I hope to join you again soon in another one of your photographic tours.

Edie Parker, South Africa Experience June 2016

It was the best and well run workshop I have ever attended.

James Maddon, Out of Africa Wildlife Park May 2016

This was the first photography workshop I have attended, and if this is the norm, I will be attending several more in the future. Kathleen hosts an absolutely awesome workshop. The staff at Out of Africa was extremely accommodating to our every request throughout the day, and their knowledge of the animals and their habits was next to none. I will assuredly be attending other of Kathleen's workshops in the future.

Bill Soltis, Out of Africa Wildlife Park April 2016

What fun and joy it was to feel Kathleen's love for wildlife photography. It made mine stronger learning from her knowledge and passion.

Skip Bangs, Out of Africa Wildlife Park April 2016

Kathleen Reeder is an excellent instructor, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The schedule is kept very flexible, depending upon the input from the participants. Multiple photo opportunities. I am always ready to return, even after five visits!

Jim Ryder, Out of Africa Wildlife Park April 2016

Thanks for the incredible experience as always. Where is the next one?

Jeff Williams, Out of Africa Wildlife Park April 2016

I’ve been to multiple workshops with Kathleen. She is an incredible person with passion, enthusiasm and an expertise for wildlife photography and someone who I enjoy sharing the experience with.

Karen Ryan, Winter Wildlife in Montana January 2016

I appreciate all the help Kathleen gave me more than she will ever know. I would not have been able to get so many beautiful shots in the snow of these beautiful animals without her steady help. I am not a photographer but an artist taking pictures for reference. I don't really get cameras, and all the settings for different lights, speed of animals and so forth. She helped me throughout. I was at Triple D a few years ago and lost about half of my photos of the white arctic wolves because of not knowing how to work with my settings on my camera. This shoot was all in the snow and I would not have attempted it without knowing she would help me. Kathleen was also very conscientious about taking care of all the many details involved in setting up something like this. Also, she is a lot of fun. I would recommend her to anyone that is interested in shooting pictures of animals anywhere.

Laura Moore, Winter Wildlife in Montana January 2016

Kathleen is an accomplished photographer and instructor. I couldn't be more pleased with the phenomenal photos of alluring wild animals in a snow scape!

Kathy C, Winter Wildlife in Montana January 2016

Kathleen covered the use of the camera and art of photography so every one was ready for a great photo shoot at the park.

Al Efron, Out of Africa Wildlife Park November 2015

Kathleen is genuinely interested that you were able to get the quality shot you wanted. She reminds everyone what to look for when approaching the animals whether it is their alertness, emotion, or at what angle to achieve the best shot.

Paula Stinson, Out of Africa Wildlife Park November 2015

This workshop was an awe-inspiring and life-changing experience for me. I will never be the same, nor will I look at animals in the same way again. Thank you, Kathleen, for opening my eyes and my heart to these beautiful creatures.

Teresa Wilson, Out of Africa Wildlife Park May 2015

I have attended several of Kathleen' workshops. I have learned a great deal about the intricacies and selections of camera settings that my work has improved greatly. I am beginning to have a following at Arts and Craft fairs because of the improvement of my talent. Thank you, Kathleen.

Jane Burke, Out of Africa Wildlife Park May 2015

I have always wanted to do this, and I did. It was the most amazing, wonderful learning experience I have ever had. I hope to be able to do another one in the future.

Patricia Sherman, Out of Africa Wildlife Park May 2015

This workshop was everything expected and much much more. Kathleen is a terrific instructor and with Dean and Prayeri as personal guides, we didn't just learn about photography, but about the animals and their behavior. It was a very special time at Out of Africa.

Marla Endicott, Out of Africa Wildlife Park April 2015

An opportunity to learn from a real professional.

Albert Eddins, Lions Tigers & Bears March 2015

Kathleen is a very good instructor, she explains until you understand, checks your work and helps you get the perfect shot. I have taken 3 classes with her and I am going to do more. She does a great job and I learn new things every time.

Gail Larkin, Lions Tigers & Bears March 2015

Kathleen is such an awesome person! Wonderful photographer, knowledgeable...she was always willing to help, and wanted to make sure you were getting the proper exposures in order to have achieve a great shot. She definitely helped me learn about some very helpful things when it comes to camera settings. Definitely things that I MUST remember and will use. I had a blast, and she's an absolute sweetheart. Cant wait to do it again!

Jeremy Hinskton, Lions Tigers & Bears March 2015

Taking one of Kathleen Reeder's wildlife photography workshops is guaranteed to give you a phenomenal experience...

Paula Stinson, Lions Tigers & Bears March 2015

Best time ever, loved the personal touch with the animals.

Diane Barone, Out of Africa Wildlife Park March 2015

Due to Kathleen's patience and expertise this was a win win photo workshop!

Ryn Nelson, Out of Africa Wildlife Park March 2015

The workshop I had with Kathleen was something I'll never forget. I will always be appreciative to her for putting so much into making it special for everyone in the class.

Elizabeth Juhl, Out of Africa Wildlife Park March 2015

The Out of Africa workshop I took with Kathleen was one of the most amazing photo experiences of my life and she gave me the knowledge to make my images the best quality possible.

Lizzy Simkins, Out of Africa Wildlife Park March 2015

Kathleen is an excellent instructor and workshop leader!

Myrna Pearman, Winter Wildlife in Montana January 2015

A number of workshops with Kathleen.  Love her personality and professional expertise.

Yvonne Kippenberg, Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center December 2014

Kathleen is an excellent teacher- patient, precise, investigates site for photographic opportunities ahead of time, and pleasantly controls shooting situations so that participants get equal opportunity to photograph the animal from the best perspective.

Karen Hougom, Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center December 2014

The workshop was fast paced and fun! Kathleen always gets us in the right position to capture the best photos possible!

Jackie Klieger, Out of Africa Wildlife Park November 2014

Kathleen is very knowledgeable and willing to help you learn how to photograph wildlife. She gives you all kinds of tips and helpful hints. I had a wonderful time!

Susan Berger, Out of Africa Wildlife Park October 2014

An enjoyable experience all around punctuated by photographs of a lifetime!

Evelyn Harrison, Out of Africa Wildlife Park October 2014

This workshop at Out of Africa was incredible and having Kathleen as an instructor and along with the owners of OOA as "tour/trip" guides gave us experience several "once in a lifetime" moments. I will do it again for sure !! Anyone that loves wildlife and is passionate about photography should not miss this workshop.

Marla Endicott, Out of Africa Wildlife Park October 2014

Kathleen's love for wildlife and passion for photographing animals is clearly obvious in her willingness to spend time and share her knowledge with students enjoying that same bond.

Carol Budrow, Wildlife in Fall in Montana October 2014

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